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Horst M. Rechelbacher
The evening of my 72nd birthday was a celebration of light and love. It was blessed with the music of Andrea “Phoenix” Sullivan, who played the harp and sitar. She is also a master in the art of Shiatsu massage and is currently blessing me with one. So I am definitely writing to you in a heavenly state of self-satisfaction.

Daniel Gan
Andrea is an incredibly knowledgeable instructor, for Shiatsu and many other modalities of bodywork, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine in general. She is a wealth of knowledge, both of the basics and the obscure and has something to offer for the beginner to the seasoned professional. Her instruction style is humble, giving, and ever approachable.

Bryan Zanton
Andrea is a gifted Qigong Instructor. I've been a student in classes she teaches, as well as one-on-one sessions with her. She is patient, and has a great sense of humor. She is a inspring and upbeat teacher with a great passion for Qigong and Chinese medicine. Her teaching style explains each movement and how it affect emotions, internal organs, physical health, and more. She honors the students for who they are and where they are in their development. Each class was tailored to the needs of the student. Above all, she is humble, always eager to learn more, ever evolving in her Mastery. Andrea is truly compassionate and masterful in how she lives and practices Qigong, as well as her dedication in teaching it to everyone who is willing to receive.

Andrea not only has the knowledge and skills of an experienced body work practitioner, she has a wonderful intuitive sense of her clients needs. Her authentic healing touch has helped me tremendously in my efforts to heal myself. I am very grateful to have found her.

Please call with questions and for additional information on rates and location 651-230-1629
757 Raymond Ave. Suite 213 Saint Paul MN 55114