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Meditation & Breathwork are practices which trains the mind and creates a deep sense of calm, stillness and focus. Through visualization and breath practices Meditation promotes relaxation, builds internal energy, and developes compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. Meditation and medical Qigong meditation reduces stress and eases many physical and emotional health issues.

Qigong is gentle movements that moves energy and creates new energy to the entire body. Each formulated movements sincronizes with the breath to heal imbalances in the 12 major organs systems. The movements immulate the cycles of nature, 5 Elements and the functions of the internal organ systems to reinforce and support your natural vitality. The mind also refects the health of the organs and can be applied as a holistic form of psycho emotional treatment to uplift the spirit. The uses for Qigong are numerable and serves to be a multi faceted tool of unending benefit.

Please call with questions and for additional information on rates and location 651-230-1629
757 Raymond Ave. Suite 213 Saint Paul MN 55114